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Hair & Makeup Trials

I recommend that you have a trial 4 - 6  weeks before your wedding day and keep me informed if you are going to be making any big changes such as change of hair colour, adding a fringe or changing the length ect. At the trial we will go through everything; what you are wearing, the dress, the head wear, the make up and of course, what styles you want - you may decide that you want a chignon with curls, but do you want it polished to perfection with uniform curls or do you want it textured with the curls more uneven? Everybody has their own unique take on each hairstyle and certain styles may not suit you or what you are wearing. At your trial we can play about with the style to an extent but it will be difficult to add curls to hair that I have just straightened or vice verse, or remove a mountain of backcombing! so try to get a good idea before you come to your trial and bring pictures with you. For makeup, we can spend time doing a skin colour match and again, go through your ideas so that on the day, I can go straight ahead and apply the makeup we have discussed.
I can also give you a few tips and tricks, advice on how to maintain your hair, look after you skin and what styles may suit you best. I am always happy to hear from my clients before and after any service, so if you feel you want to discuss anything, no matter how trivial, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone! I will try my best to put your mind at ease.
If you have any accessories you would like in your hair, tiaras, combs, slides ect, please bring them with you, and if you are having false lashes or spray tans, please try to also have these done for the trial. Let me know if you would like to book any beauty appointments for you as I cover an aray of beauty procedures.
Trials are usually carried out in my studio in Blackwell, I travel to you on the day free of charge for locations within 15 Miles of DD55 5HD, travel expenses must be covered after this.
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